Stunning X-Ray Photos Offer A Peak Inside Ancient Sculptures


X-ray photography is used for so many things in our modern world from medical procedures to security screening, but how about for ancient artifacts? Photographer David Maisel has a new art exhibit on display at New York City’s Yancey Richardson Gallery called, “History’s Shadow” that takes a peak inside ancient art.

The x-ray photos have been culled through the museum’s archives, and re-photographed and re-worked by Maisel to reveal “glitches, intrusions, mistakes, and the traces of pragmatic fixes.”

As Maisel told Gizmodo, “prints of History’s Shadow make the invisible visible, and express through photographic means the shape-shifting nature of time itself, and the continuous presence of the past contained within us.”

The x-ray photographs give you a whole new appreciation for these famous works of art that so many of us may recognize, but have only seen the outer surface. “History’s Shadows” is currently on display through May 10th and includes many more photos only available at the gallery, so it’s definitely worth checking out.





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