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What’s the future of education? The guru of education gives us a big hint.

I am with my friend Jeff as we drive to the airport to pick up Sugata. I only know him from his TED video, which has been watched a gazillion times and forwarded to me by various friends throughout the years. I have little expectation as I’ve become accustomed to meeting people and finding them far different than their online personas. Almost as if...

A single litter of pups could mark the beginning of a red wolf resurgence

Conservationists are hoping a new litter of red wolf pups will spark new life for the species.

A Texas Ranch is Changing the Lives of Special Needs Animals and Children Alike

A special ranch in Texas is connecting special needs animals with children.

Cow Hugging is the Wellness Trend 2020 Needs

Need of a hug? Well, a cow might be just the animal you're looking for. Cows might not seem like the best huggers, but cow hugging is a growing wellness trend.

Study Reveals Sharks Can Be ‘Friends’ With Other Sharks

Sharks are the ocean's top predator, but do they have friends? A new study suggests that sharks may indeed be friendly with one another.

Family Rescues Dog Found Fighting For Its Life In The Middle of Lake Michigan

A family out for a boat ride never expected to see a dog in the middle of Lake Michigan.

These Tourist Attractions Promoting Animal Cruelty Should be Banned Already

550,000 wild animals currently suffer at hands of wildlife tourism. Last week in Cambodia, the death of a working elephant caused a global uproar and...

Photos of the Comedy Pet Awards Are the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

From the people who brought you the Comedy Wildlife Awards, comes the first ever annual Comedy Pet Awards. Brace yourself for tears of laughter,...

Raised by Wolves, This Man Explains Where Humans Have Failed

Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja has experienced many ordinary human tribulations—he has worked exploitative jobs and now faces financial struggles amid retirement. But the 72-year-old is...

Study Explains Why Having a Dog Makes You a Better, Healthier Person

Good news, dog owners! Our furry friends are some of the most important beings in our lives— serving as pets, confidants, and highly valued...

Study Shows Elephants Avoid Cancer with ‘Zombie’ Gene

Our giant mammalian cousin the elephant has a weirdly long life span. Simple logic says that cancers should be developing more frequently in elephants, given...

Dog Running With Newfound Legs is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Derby the husky wasn’t born to run like most other dogs. Due to a congenital disease, he was born with malformed forelegs and no...

This Animal is the First Confirmed to Understand Humans

We may think our dogs know what we mean when we say "out" or "treat", but a new study describes a bird that actually...

20+ Crazy Facts About Animals Your Biology Teacher Forgot To Tell You

Examples of nature's sheer beauty and intelligence exist all around us. If one chooses to pause for a moment and look, fascinating and beautiful systems...