Style and Craftsmanship Come Together for a New Listening Experience


There’s no shortage of headphones on the market. You can find them everywhere from corner stores, to airport vending machines. What there is a shortage of are quality headphones that aren’t just all smoke and mirrors gimmick. You’ve seen every teen-aged kid wearing the popular headphones by a certain well-known rapper, but how about a headphone specifically designed for the closest true-to-life sound possible?

Torque is a new headphone company and their rolling out their debut product – the t103z headphones. Perhaps the best way to sum them up is, they’ve got sports car precision, only for your ears. Just a quick rundown of what sets them apart from other products on the market.

– Patent pending Passive Acoustic Valve Technology ™ that is powered by by a high velocity, full bandwidth and dynamic 10mm driver.

– Acoustically designed for iOS audio playback with a remote for music control.

-Each pair also includes three exchangeable TorqueValves: a Reference Valve that offers the most realistic sound reproduction, a Deep Valve for full throttle bass and a Clear Valve for crystal clear sound.

Maybe one of the best aspects though is the lightweight hybrid cable that is designed with a flat bottom for tangle resistance. That means no more public meltdowns from trying to untangle a knot on the crowded bus or train.

Check out the video and for more info head over to Torque’s website here.

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