10 Companies Saving the Planet (and Making a Ton of Money Doing it)

Listening to the way conservatives like to talk up dirty, inefficient and old-fashioned industries, because of the money they can generate, you’d be forgiven for thinking that companies who make a positive impact on the...

Spectacular Photos of the International Space Station Soaring Past the Sun and Moon

The sun and moon take on a whole new scope when they provide the backdrop for the International Space Station.

“I pretend to be someone else to receive love.”

20 WONDROUS STORIES OF RADICAL SELF LOVE Exclusive Excerpts from Acclaimed Author Andy Chaleff and His New Book Release: “The Wounded Healer” In This Story: Sharon faces the deep seated fear that if she shares what...

Oregon’s Decriminalization of Drugs Could be a New Path to Ending the War on Drugs

Oregon became the first state in the United States to decriminalized all drugs. Will the radical move shift the failed war on drugs in the right direction?

This Clean Energy Power Plant Doubles as a Breathtaking Ski Slope

Power plants aren't typically tourist attractions. Unless, of course, they have a ski slope, climbing wall, and rooftop bar.

A Texas Ranch is Changing the Lives of Special Needs Animals and Children Alike

A special ranch in Texas is connecting special needs animals with children.

“I’m attracted to men like my father.”

20 WONDROUS STORIES OF RADICAL SELF LOVE Exclusive Excerpts from Acclaimed Author Andy Chaleff and His New Book Release: “The Wounded Healer” In This Story: A look glass view into an archetype that holds: “I’m attracted to...

Street Artist Honors Spain’s Health Workers With a Powerful Trio of Murals

A Spanish street artist honors health workers on the front lines fighting the coronavirus.

Cow Hugging is the Wellness Trend 2020 Needs

Need of a hug? Well, a cow might be just the animal you're looking for. Cows might not seem like the best huggers, but cow hugging is a growing wellness trend.

Family Rescues Dog Found Fighting For Its Life In The Middle of Lake Michigan

A family out for a boat ride never expected to see a dog in the middle of Lake Michigan.

When Quarantine Shut Down Amusement Parks, These Families Built Their Own

Quarantine may have shut down theme parks, but it didn't shut down fun for these creative families.

Will We Ever Unwrap The Mystery of Near-Death Experiences?

Brushes with the afterlife are both perplexing and intriguing to scientists and those who've experienced them alike.

Could Lab-Grown Meat Be Coming To Menus Sooner Than Expected?

Lab-grown meat might still be limited to science labs, but one fast food giant wants to take it national.

What I learned from living 30 years in Community

I fly to visit Jewels Toro at her retreat center at the foothills of the Spanish pueblo Órgiva. The first thing I notice is the hippy-like quality of the surroundings. I can’t tell if the...

How Sick Children are Helping to Change Medical Marijuana Laws in the U.S.

Marijuana might not have the sordid reputation it once had, but it’s still illegal at a federal level and medical marijuana is only legal in about half the states. Hundreds of families are working to...

Shifting global consciousness with a handful of soil

I met Josh in January of 2018. He is hard to make out. He is slender and well taken care of, with a fresh haircut pushed to the side. It’s hard to tell his age...

Resistance to Antibiotics Will be the Next Worldwide Epidemic. What are the Solutions?

Recently, the United Nations convened to discuss the growing global threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, aka “superbugs”. While their pronouncement is bleak, a string of new research offers some hope in the battle against evolving bacteria....

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Americans Fostering Pets Like Never Before

There are a lot of things in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest shortages to worry about are the lack of masks, latex gloves, and ventilators in many hospitals across the United...